Better Health Makes Better Students

P1030639Clean water has produced better health and therefore better education. As the school report of May 2013 says, “We have succeeded to provide food for both teachers and students . . . without being disturbed by the problem of water” and “We have managed to increase the number of students who pass their examination for almost 3% and 15% for both Primary and Secondary school compare to last few years before we get water.” See  “Our First Projects, A Report from the Schools.


P1030654The school population has increased by 60 students and 9 teachers. The porridge provided for the children midday is now made with clean water — the students do not have to spend precious school time walking the previous 5 km in search of clean water. Each student has been provided his or her own drinking cup. However, the clean water lasts only 5 months after the heavy rains of April. More catchment units are needed to adequately serve the students and each catchment unit costs $7,000 to build with local materials and labor.

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