In March of 2012, with community participation, we completed our first two rain catchment units at Maruvango Primary (700 students) and Secondary school (300 students). There had been no drinking or washing water available at the schools. A rainwater catchment system directs water from a roof to a large storage tank via clean gutters and a filter system. Women sold chickens to raise money for materials; everyone helped make bricks for the tank.

Another two units, one at each school, were added the following three years. Leslie was asked to open the spigot allowing fresh water to flow on visits in 2013 and again in 2016.

Another catchment unit was built for the secondary school (300 students), using the same model of community participation; that is the village community raised money for the construction materials, assisted with construction, guarded the building materials, and keeps the system clean. Washstands next to the latrines have been built for hand washing at each school.

Chase and Owen, along with other students, paint Mural on Water Catchment 2018