“The Goat Project” (October 2023)

The Fund supplied one milking goat to each woman, and now everyone has at least one goat, many homes have 5 goats. Goat meat is sold when its owner needs money for medication or school uniforms. This project is self-sustaining. In October I visited 10 different homes to see how the goats were thriving.  The “goat ladies” are very grateful. They showed their gratitude by giving us songs, prayers, speeches, and a wonderful lunch with goat meat.

Goats by Consensus

The Barry A Murphy Fund began in 2014 sending funds to purchase 20 baby milking goats each year. These were given to the poorest women chosen by the Village Chairman. Their babies are then shared with other women of the village. Traditionally male goats are not shared. These can be sold, but there is also care given to change males that remain to prevent illness among the goats.  The female goats provide much needed nourishment for the families.

All Donations Go Directly to the Project.