Health & Hygiene Curriculum Materials

We spent several years designing and field testing these Health Curriculum materials.  The public health benefits of providing water cannot be maximized unless good hand-washing practices are adopted by communities. Starting with schoolchildren is most efficient and effective.  We wanted something pragmatic and straightforward that focused on the most important aspects of Hand-washing.  Available materials are too complex, unrealistic, or expensive.

The following are copyright with a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License.  Please use and adapt however you see fit.  We laminated the illustration posters and put up in latrines and kitchen.

We offer these to you for free, but would appreciate it if you could make a donation of any size to Barry A Murphy Fund.

Lesson Plans

Download all 2015Lesson_plans.

Elementary Lesson Plan – English ENGLISH_LESSON_PLAN_ELEMENTARY

Elementary Lesson Plan – Swahili BAMF_ELEMENTARY_Swahili

Secondary Lesson Plan – English ENGLISH_LESSON_PLAN_SECONDARY

Secondary Lesson Plan – Swahili BAMF_LESSON_PLAN _SECONDARY_Swahili



Download all posters 2015posters

Horizontal posters are 28.5 inches wide by 22.33 inches tall and vertical posters are 22.3 inches wide and 28.5 inches tall. They are all in .pdf format.

H2O Cooking E CCH2O Cooking S CC

H2O Latrine Girl E CCH2O Latrine Girl S CC

Wash Hands E CCWash Hands S CC

Wash Instructions E CCWash Instructions S CC

Wash Instructions E CC

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