Plans For Near Future

We will continue to supply beans to all orphans. We hope to begin again to supply cooking oil. This is used in the daily porridge; cooking oils must still be imported, and oil is too expensive for everyone.

We continue to support Irene Lutherson in Teacher College. If possible, the Fund will support any orphaned girl who makes good marks in secondary and would like to continue her education. This would be a three-year commitment by our donors. Usually, the student chooses to return to Maruvango once further educated.

Primary kitchen rebuild – The Barry A Murphy Fund would like to rebuild the primary kitchen. The Head Teacher at the school is sure the structure will collapse in the next high wind. Over 1000 primary students are served porridge from this kitchen.

New dining hall structure – We would like to assist with the building of the dining hall when the villagers are ready to contribute with time and money. The Fund has already built the foundation.

This future structure will keep the students out of the rain when they eat their daily porridge. It can also be used as a community center and study hall


We hope one day to join the Pi Program. Computers loaded with curriculum, and which operate by solar, are provided to the school. Teachers are trained in the use of the computers. The program is invaluable to rural Africa; there are many secondary schools in TZ that are currently supplied with the computers by donors to the Pi Program.

All Donations Go Directly to the Project.